I’d like to announce a couple of things:

If you arrived here y Data mining FNATI: TR… F*** You!

FNATI: TR night 2 demo is really close, i will upload a demo tomorrow!

And finally, Danganronpa The Alternative has changed and been delayed… no one cares about it but its something im making…. check it out some time



Well… i think people don’t find this because i was previously Dogi Jones… If someone finds this: SAVE ME!!

Since no one reads this

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Normal


How to find fumetsu in ATGiFLD

no one found it? Really, i guess ill just put this link here, whoever finds this is probably happy, because now they know. GG


Especial teaser…

As you might know, i do games. I plan on posting non-game related things in the future, including videos or just my opinion on stuff (rarely).

As of now, im making a game called “Five Nights at Treasure Island: the Revenge” and many people want to see more teasers on it. You might recognize it from somewhere… but mean wile enjoy!!Oswld


Im testing things

This page is currently in Beta mode, this means there are some things to do before its used.