I’d like to announce a couple of things:

If you arrived here y Data mining FNATI: TR… F*** You!

FNATI: TR night 2 demo is really close, i will upload a demo tomorrow!

And finally, Danganronpa The Alternative has changed and been delayed… no one cares about it but its something im making…. check it out some time



Well… i think people don’t find this because i was previously Dogi Jones… If someone finds this: SAVE ME!!

Especial teaser…

As you might know, i do games. I plan on posting non-game related things in the future, including videos or just my opinion on stuff (rarely).

As of now, im making a game called “Five Nights at Treasure Island: the Revenge” and many people want to see more teasers on it. You might recognize it from somewhere… but mean wile enjoy!!Oswld